Raven's Gate

Matt examined Mrs Deverill again. She was sipping her tea but her eyes never left him. They were devouring him.

   -Exerpt from Raven's Gate, Book 1


Not much is known about Jayne Deverill's past. In her house there is a painting of her ancestor, which is very creepy and moves. Jayne tells Matt that her ancestor was burned, and later on Matt suspects she was burned as a witch.

Many years ago Jayne was married to a man called Henry Lutterworth, who died just a few months after their marriage after he took a walk in the woods. Henry left his wife all of his money and Hive Hall (where Jayne and Noah live and where Matt is held captive. It is just outside Lesser Malling village).

Personal Info-Edit

Name:- Jayne Deverill

Age:- Unknown exactly but guessed to be at least 50

Gender:- Female

Hair:- Short and white.

Eyes:- Icy cold and hard

Build:-Jayne is a small woman, with legs that seem to have something wrong with them as she walks strangely.

Personality:- Severe-looking, described as if she stepped out of another century. Acts sweet and kindly to Matt but fails to hide her evil nature.